BLOGTOBER Day 2: The Fall Tag

Nashville Fall Festival (1)

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to day 2 of Blogtober! After yesterday, I felt really good about following a posting schedule. I know not all of my posts are going to be out of this world amazing, but I am excited for the posts I have planned. As for today, I figured I would ease into this month with a fun “Fall Tag”. Tags are always fun to do especially when a post isn’t quite ready or the ideas aren’t flowing as freely as you would like.

I hope you enjoy the answers to these fall questions & I would love to hear your responses to some of the questions too!


  1. Which two things tell you that the Fall season has begun?
    • Okay, the first one is obviously all of the Pumpkin Spice everything that comes out in stores, that’s how you truly know we are heading into the fall season. The second thing is the weather! When we get that rainy, cool day with leaves falling–that’s a fall day!
  2. What are your plans for this Fall season?
    • Hmmm, I don’t know. I just like to enjoy the weather and binge watch TV shows, as I barely watch anything during the Summer. I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy again & I forgot how much I loved it. Either than binge-watching, I plan on doing some Fall activities like a corn maze, carving pumpkins for Halloween and like I said, enjoying that Fall weather.
  3. Silent nights or windy ones? 
    • Ahhh windy nights. They are just so soothing and comfy.
  4. Cold rain or heavy fog. What do you enjoy more?
    • Cold rain–only if I am inside though ha.
  5. What three things do you love about the season?
    • I love all of the Fall decor–the pumpkins, leaves, scarecrows, corn stalks…everything! It just makes everything feel so comfy and homey. Besides Winter, Fall is my favourite season to decorate.
    • I love the fashion for Fall. Blanket scarves, leggings & oversized sweaters yes, please!
    • The Fall candles from Bath & Body Works. I honestly wait all year for them!
  6. What three things do you hate about the season?
    • Pumpkin Spice everything. I love PSLs just as much as the next girl, but it’s overdone.
    • How fast it goes by! We get like a good month before the snow comes in, ugh.
    • I can’t think of a 3rd one…
  7. Share your best memory for the Fall season?
    • The best memory was when I was younger, around 12 or 13 and my grandparents took the family to a corn maze at night. It was fun, to begin with, but my Grandpa took it to the next level and made everyone have such a good lasting memory.
  8. What is your favorite scent for the Fall season?
    • MARSHMALLOW FIRESIDE! Can I scream it any louder?! haha
  9. What is your favorite Fall movie?
    • Does Mean Girls count? It’s fall, right?
  10. What is your favorite Fall color?
    • I love the different shades of red. It’s so pretty, whether it’s the colour of the leaves or in fashion.
  11. What is your favorite dress code for the Fall season?
    • I honestly live in leggings and sweaters for most of the Fall season. I always have an outfit paired with a pair of boots whether it is a moto boot or a combat foot. It just speaks Fall to me! Of course, blanket scarves are my favourite and I’ll pair it with just about anything. Oh, camo has become my fave as well!
  12. Do you believe that the Fall season should be the wedding season?
    • Ugh yes! I love Fall weddings with the leaves falling and beautiful dresses. Everything is just so pretty this time of year. If I didn’t do a destination wedding, I would have been married in the Fall.
  13. What are your most likes drink in the Fall season?
    • Teas. My favourite to drink is Earl Gray Vanilla and Chai.
  14. Haunted house or haunted corn maze? 
    • I hate anything haunted! I am the biggest baby when it comes to anything scary. I’ve done both in the past and I refuse to do them again—I left crying!
  15. Wool or knit sweaters? 
    • I like both, but knit sweaters are the kind that I would wear a bit more than wool.
  16. Which moisturizer is your favorite in the autumn season?
    • My favourite moisturizer is Lush Cosmetic Lad. I will forever buy it, as it has been a life changer with my dry skin.
  17. Apple pie or Pumpkin Pie. What’s your favorite?
    • Pumpkin Pie, always!
  18. October or November? 
    • October! It’s the start of the Fall season, in my opinion. It’s just so exciting and everyone seems to love it. Plus, it’s Thanksgiving for us Canadians, so we get that to look forward to!
  19. Do you dress up for Halloween?
    • I used to when I was younger, but I’m just not into it anymore. I would always dress up in the most basic costumes though haha. I was always the black cat or a witch–no imagination with it!
  20. What do you feel at the end of the Fall season?
    • It’s bittersweet because obviously, it’s my favourite season. BUT, it means Christmas is coming! 🙂

I hope you learned a little bit about why I love Fall so much! Tags are always my favourite to do, as I find my personality shines through them (at least I hope so).

For the next couple of days, my posting schedule will go as follows:

  • Wednesday: Fall Essentials
  • Thursday: What’s In My Purse?
  • Friday: Bath & Body Works Haul
  • Saturday: September Book Review/Books I am reading this Month
  • Sunday: Happy Thanksgiving

I also want suggestions from you! Is there anything you would like to see me post about whether it’s a review or a haul or something completely different? Let me know!

As always, thank you for reading & if you’re Canadian, don’t forget to enter my giveaway! (sorry, my International friends!)


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18 thoughts on “BLOGTOBER Day 2: The Fall Tag

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  6. I loved this tag!! ☺️☺️ Fall is my favorite so I’m living for everyone’s Blogtober blogs! I just watched mean girls myself haha so it definitely counts as a fall movie 🙈
    Marshmallow FireSide is a great one!! My fave has got to be Autumn! It’s such a crisp smell, I always stock up!! ☺️☺️


  7. I love reading about other people’s fall loves! I am a little jealous though that you actually get a fall season! Haha.. living in south Louisiana, it stays hot forever! lol


  8. I live for summer, and I don’t care much for the other seasons. I’m always sad when it gets colder, the day are getting shorter, and I have to wear warm clothes all of a sudden. And don’t get me started on anything pumpkin spice – I agree with you, it’s just too much.
    But I understand why many people love the cooler seasons.

    This post was great to read.
    By the way, just like you I’m not into scary stuff either. I do just fine without scary movies, haunted houses or nightmares.


    • Yes, the colder it gets and the shorter days are definitely a downfall to the season. At least we get to experience seasons, that’s the positive 🙂

      I just don’t understand why everything needs to be pumpkin spice—it’s not all that great.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this & I’m happy I’m not alone when it comes to all of that scary stuff! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

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