7 Month Hiatus

Hello, blogging world!

Wow! I did not think I was going to take a 7-month long break from blogging. I honestly have no excuses for it except that I just wasn’t passionate about it anymore. I didn’t like how much time it took to create a post and I think I was getting bored with the content I was creating. However, I am back now & so excited to get back into it. There were many times I contemplated writing one last post to say thank you and leave it at that, but I honestly couldn’t come to terms with it. I’m glad I didn’t because the excitement I have now to get back into writing is amazing.

As my blog is called “The life of Kristyn”, I figured I would share with you the events that have been going on in my life for the last 7 months. I went on an amazing trip out to Banff, Alberta for a week with my Husband back in June and it’s probably one of the best trips that I have ever been on. I plan on sharing some pictures and highlights on here, but if you ever get the chance to visit Banff, you must take it.

Another thing in my life is that I am still not pregnant. I was talking about this at the beginning of the year and how it’s the one thing that I want more than anything. I am still hopeful that it will happen, but as of right now, I am trying my best to stay positive.

Either than that, my life has been pretty routine. I don’t mind it, but I crave change and love when things are different. I think that’s part of the reason as to why I wanted to get back into blogging. This blog is going to be a fresh start for me and it will consist of everything beauty (obviously), lifestyle and adventure! I secretly wanted to get into this before Fall started because October is my fave month to blog in.

Anyways, enough of my rambling! I missed you guys and I am so excited to start this over again 🙂 I look forward to reconnecting with all of you again.


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