Review: Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer

Hey Everyone!

I am back with a review on a product that caught me by surprise. Wet n Wild is a brand that I have avoided for a few years, but out of nowhere, they became popular again and really amped up the quality of their products. I had no idea that they had this concealer until my Sister told me about it when we were shopping and we both ended up buying it. Obviously, the price point and the promise of a great product intrigued me 😉

Wet n Wild concealer close up

Keep on reading to find out my thoughts!

What is it?

I always start my reviews off with the obvious…what is it? It is a concealer that has been developed and tested “under 7 different photo lighting conditions.” There is supposed to be no white cast when photos are done, which I have yet to test out. The concealer is meant to be creamy and provide full coverage.


I bought my concealer in the lightest shade that they have, Light Ivory. I noticed that they don’t have a wide variety of shades to choose from, as a lot of them are in the medium colour range. I wish more brands would understand that people come in more than 5 different shades, ugh!

Wet n Wild Concealer swatch


I have to say that Wet n Wild really got it right with the coverage. It is very creamy making it incredibly easy for me to blend the product out. The coverage is definitely full and I am able to hide my dark circles and imperfections without worrying about them peeking through.

When setting the concealer, I have been using the powder Lyric which is a yellow beige shade from the Kat Von D Shade & Light Face Contour palette. The powder and concealer combined are a dream team and my makeup has never looked better.


The formula is creamy, as I mentioned above. I have no issues blending the product out and it doesn’t dry up like other people have claimed in reviews that I have read. There is no creasing or separating throughout the day either. This concealer is honestly the real deal.

Wet n Wild Concealer Wand.jpg

Overall Thoughts

As you can see, I am pretty happy about this concealer. One of the main reasons that I bought it, besides my Sister recommending it, is that it was being compared to Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer. We can’t get it here in Canada, so I have yet to prove that comparison, but seeing YouTubers test it out and seeing results really showed that this could be a great dupe. Hopefully, I can get a hold of that concealer soon!

Anyways, I have no complaints about the concealer either than the shade selection. Everything about the product lives up to the description that Wet n Wild created. It is refreshing to see a product that can be just as great as a high-end concealer but at a cheaper price. Oh, the price for the concealer is 3.99 USD which is freaking amazing!

Let me know your thoughts! Have you tried the concealer or have you heard about it? As always, leave your comments, I love hearing what you have to say.

Thanks for reading!

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