4 Year Blog Anniversary!

Hey Everyone!

After time away & endless computer headaches, I’m finally back in the game here. I feel like this last year was a lot of me explaining where I was and why I wasn’t blogging. It’s very difficult to produce content when there isn’t a place to do so. My computer decided to not work anymore and my phone is way too small to see how my layout looks, so it was a lot of waiting for a new computer to come around. Thankfully, I’m all set up now and back doing what I enjoy!

I wanted to share with you my Blog Anniversary that occurred a few days ago! It’s crazy to think that this has evolved from something so simple as me being bored haha. I remember coming home one day from work and just being so annoyed that my life revolved around working and being at home. I had no hobbies or sports that I ever got into, so I decided to start blogging.

That first year was the best because I put so much time and effort into this blog and created something that I was obsessed with. I’ve met so many great people from all over the world that I’ve developed friendships with. This truly has been such a great experience for me. Obviously, I have slacked over the years and wasn’t as invested when I first started, but that need to write and share content is still there. I think that’s the best thing about blogging, it’s the writing.

Anyways, thank you for reading my content over the years and sticking with me when I have had many, many breaks haha. My content is slowly coming back and I will FINALLY have my reviews up that I have been meaning to share for so long.



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