Review: Love, Beauty & Planet Shampoo & Conditioner

Hey Everyone!

I am back with another review! The brand that I am going to be talking about is a brand that I have been lusting over for the longest time. The brand, Love, Beauty & Planet makes it their mission to do their part in order for us to live in a healthier planet. This includes reducing waste and saving water.

I did get the products I am going to review for free from Chick Advisor, however, all of my reviews are honest and my own. With that in mind, keep on reading to find out my thoughts about the 2 products I tried.

What is it?

The two products I am reviewing today are shampoo & conditioner by the brand Love, Beauty & Planet. The product I was given is in the scent Murumuru Butter & Rose. This specific collection is meant for coloured treated hair. The brand offers 6 different collections in total, allowing people with different types of hair to get the treatment that they want.

Love, Beauty & Planet Products


Depending on where you buy this from, the products retail between $8-12 CDN. I was a little taken back at first with the price range, but I figured that I was already paying close to $30 for salon products, so this was a steal. I don’t know if the cost changes with the different collections, but I don’t assume it would.


So, this is the part you have been waiting for! When I started using the 2 products, the main things I was looking for was: Vibrancy, Softness and No Residue. With having coloured hair, it is very easy for it to lose it’s vibrancy and shine very fast. I’m always careful with waiting to wash my hair right after it was dyed and to protect it with products that are meant for coloured hair. So, how did it add up?

Love, Beauty & Planet Shampoo and Conditioner

Vibrancy: Yes, yes & yes! I have found no colour fade when using this. I’ve noticed it to be a little lighter before using this, but either than that, there has been no change. My hair looks healthy and shiny, almost like it was just dyed. I’ve been getting more compliments now then I ever did.

Softness: Again, this did a very good job with keeping my hair soft for a few days after the initial wash. I’ve noticed it to be less frizzy and more sleek. It has also really helped when styling my hair.

No Residue: Last, but not least, the big thing for me is making sure there is no residue after washing my hair. I hate that feeling like there is product left over, making my hair oily a lot quicker and not feeling clean.

With that, I have to say this does a really good job rinsing out the product completely and making my hair feel fresh & clean. The rinse time is easily cut in half, which was one of the brand’s goals.

Love, Beauty and Planet.JPG


As you can tell, I really loved the products. This is a brand I can get behind, as it is environmentally friendly and planet conscious. It’s also a brand that absolutely works! I’m very picky with my hair products, so for me to use this for 2 weeks straight and love it every single time, says a lot about the brand.

The only negative that I would have would be the scent. I personally love stronger scented shampoos and conditioners, but not everyone does. If you are sensitive to those type of scents or you want something subtle, I would avoid it. Either than that, this is a great brand that stands behind their products.

Love, Beauty & Planet

Thank you for reading this review! Please let me know what you think in the comments down below. Have you tried this brand or are you planning on it? I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you are interested in reading more about this brand, check out their website.


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