BLOGTOBER Day 8: Fall Makeup Wish List

Nashville Fall Festival (1)

Hey Everyone!

Every season it seems like I have a new beauty wish list. Most times, nothing is ever purchased from the list and other times, I will purchase a majority of the products I want. Regardless, it’s always fun to make lists and lust over new makeup products.

Keep reading to find out what I have on my Sephora wish list this fall!

I will be the first to admit that Too Faced palettes have never interested me. There are other brands that I love a bit more and never really ventured into Too Faced land. However, this palette is something that I am lusting over! The shades look absolutely gorgeous and from what I have been seeing in reviews, everyone is loving it!

Urban Decay has been one of my favourite high-end brands for the longest time! When they came out with this palette, I knew I had to have it. I love the tones in this one and it just looks pretty! This might be one of the palettes I buy during the VIB sale.

I have been lusting over Huda Beauty palettes since they came out! I have yet to get one of the obsessions palettes, but I’m pretty sure it’s either going to be the one shown above (Topaz) or the mauve one. I think they are all so gorgeous and so raved about!

This is one of those products where I was watching an Instagram Story and the person was raving about it and now I want it. Again this has been raved about and it’s apparently the perfect product for the colder months as it exfoliates your skin. I definitely want to try this one.

I know this setting powder is a cult favourite and I even sampled it, but I just never bought it. I am always on the hunt for a good setting powder, so I think this will be one of the products that I will actually buy at the sale!

I decided to keep the list short this time around and only share the products I absolutely WANT! Everything else that I had is products that I could probably live without and I only had them on my list because I saw someone else lust over them.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this short & sweet list. Please let me know what products you are lusting over!

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