First Impression: Foreo Espada Blue Light Acne Treatment

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Today’s post is on a skincare tool by the brand Foreo. You may know of them by their highly popular skincare tool called the Luna. I got this tool for my birthday, as I thought it looked pretty cool and maybe it was something that would help with my skin, especially with those breakouts. Not to give too much away, I did use it for a little bit, stopped and now I am planning on doing it again, so I can see how well it actually does work.

Foreo Espada


What is it?

The Espada, as noted on their website, is a blue light acne treatment with laser-precision targeting. It uses the blue LED light and T-Sonic pulsations to eliminate blemishes, as well as targeting clogged pores and blackheads.

How Do I Use It?

The Espada is pretty easy to use. Once it’s turned on, you apply the head of the tool to the affected area of your skin and hold it there for 30 secs. After 30 secs, it will turn off and you can move on to the next affected area or continue with the same spot up to 4 times.

Foreo Espada On Button.JPG

The 30 seconds spent on each affected area is honestly so time-consuming and I think that’s why I gave up on it. If you are like me and have multiple areas of your face that need to be cleared then you can spend a good 45 minutes using this. When I tried it again, I am going to focus on the more annoying areas of my skin.

Foreo Espada Light.JPG


It is pretty pricey, ringing in at $200 CDN. I did a lot of research on it before requesting it for my birthday. I found a lot of people to have success with it and the people that didn’t have success were the ones who suffered from severe acne.

Is it worth the price? I don’t know yet.

Initial Results

I used the Espada consistently for a good week before stopping. I did find some changes to my skin such as reduction in redness and clearing up of some acne. Of course, I still did my normal skincare routine while using the tool. I think the main issue was that I didn’t see instant results, so it discouraged me (I know I’m not the only one like this). I need to be patient! haha.

Foreo Espada Blue Light

I really do love the concept of the Espada. I don’t know how effective it really is, so that is my test for the next month. Their website stated that most people found results within 28 days of using it. I am going to give myself 28 days and then I will be back with an update (and pics).

Let me know what you think about the Espada. Is this something you would use or is it a pass for you?

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8 thoughts on “First Impression: Foreo Espada Blue Light Acne Treatment

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  2. I’m really really interested in how this works for you. I’m actually using a product that does red light therapy and I’ve been using it a while now and took some before photos. I do it twice a day for 5 minutes at a time. I’ve seen the blue light stuff in clinics work well but I don’t know if the clinical treatments are more intense?

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