Review: E.L.F Complete Coverage Concealer

Happy Weekend!

I was looking through my makeup collection and I found a few products that I haven’t used in awhile or I haven’t really used at all. I found this concealer palette from E.L.F cosmetics and I figured I would do a short overview on it. When I first bought it, I thought it was the best idea and the best concept, but it turns out, not so much.

What Is It

This palette includes 4 concealers ranging in different shades. There are two different palettes available, I believe, and the one I have is in the shade “light”. Once you open the palette, there is a small mirror and a small concealer brush. I must say that the brush is almost completely useless when applying the product. I am better off using my finger or another brush.


First Impression

Obviously, when I bought this, I thought this was the best concept and it would be great having different shades whether it was for highlighting, contouring and concealing. Since I ordered it online, I wasn’t able to get a full idea of how well this would work me, so when I received it, I was a bit surprised. I must say the packaging was great. I love the black, sleek look they have.


When I opened the palette, I noticed that concealers looked waxy. I wasn’t sure how it would look applied to my skin, but the waxiness wasn’t going over well with me. Secondly, the shades completely threw me off. There are 2 light shades and 2 darker ones, which is great! That is what I wanted. However, the two darker shades had a pink undertone to them while the lighter shades had a yellow undertone. I hate pink undertones, they make my skin look orange, so that was a huge no for me.

Love or Hate?

I hate being negative with my posts because I am sure there is always some good you can find in a product, but I am going to be completely honest. This product really does suck. I tried to make it work, but the coverage and application of these concealers were doing nothing for me.

I opted to use a concealer brush from BH Cosmetics, as it is my go-to brush and it does the best job for me. I had no problem actually applying it, it was more so blending it out and making sure it stayed on. The concealer itself is creamy, but that is the only plus side to it. Once it was applied to my under eyes, it immediately became cakey and I could not blend it out for the life of me. I tried using a damp beauty blender, but the concealer would stick to the sponge. I figured I would let it sit with what I had on and see how the finish was. Once it eventually dried, which did take a long time, the concealer was very chalky and it was setting into my fine lines.

Down below is are the swatches of each concealer over my tattoo. I thought it would give you an idea of each shade, coverage and final look of it after it dried. The first pic is right after I applied it. The second one is after it had been sitting for 10 minutes.

before       IMG_0366

There was no coverage whatsoever, as the redness and dark circles I tried to cover up were completely showing through. All in all, this concealer palette was not worth the money. Yes, it cost me $3, but it shouldn’t even be worth that. I was very disappointed with this product, as I was expecting more out of it.

At the end of the day, I guess I get what I pay for, but E.L.F does have amazing products that live up to their standards. It’s just unfortunate that this product wasn’t one of them. If you are looking for a good concealer, pay the extra money and get a product that will provide you with what you’re looking for. $3 is cheap, but it doesn’t always mean a good product.

Thank you for reading!


28 thoughts on “Review: E.L.F Complete Coverage Concealer

  1. You get what you pay for ~~ very true a lot of the time 🙂 my favorite primer in the world is by ELF (it’s $3, and is green so it’s actually color correcting as well :D) and I love their eyebrow kit which is also $3. 🙂 I’ve seen this concealer kit in the past, but forgot about it til now. Thanks for the review! 🙂


    • Thank you for reading! I honestly love a lot of their products. One of my favourite products from them is a foundation and I can’t get enough of their lipsticks. But, some products are just not worth the money. Their brow kit is amazing too!

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      • True! I do like their foundation ~ only problem for me is the lightest shade wasn’t light enough lol. I’m sooo fair lol. If you’ve never tried their primer, I definitely recommend it. It doesn’t leave that silicone feeling like most primers do, so I love it. But if you DO like the silicone type primers, of course I’d recommend younique 😉 but the one I like from elf is a green, and it color corrects and leaves your skin soft 🙂 Xoxo


        • I know! It really does suck about their shades…if only they had more of a selection. Actually, I did try their green primer and loved it. I ran out of it a month or so ago, but it really did work.
          Hey, if the primer works from Younique, I would definitely try it out. I will try any makeup product at least once 🙂

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          • Hopefully elf will add some more shades to their foundation line, it really is a great product and it’s only six bucks! Glad to hear you like the primer! It’s my favorite. Our younique primer is amazing (I like to use it as an eye primer when I’m using our mineral pigments or the pressed palette that you did the review on) and it really brings the colors to life. They have released a separate eye primer, and it’s free this month for any purchase of $130, plus you’d get free shipping. It’s going to retail later for $22 I believe. So definitely ask the younique presenter that you know! 🙂


              • Great! She should know about the special, but in case she doesn’t, every month we have a special, and it’s called the monthly kudos. 🙂 This month – November – it’s the free eye primer with any purchase of $130. And shipping is free for orders $100 or more. So = free shipping, and free eye primer 🙂 hope this helps! 🙂


  2. Elf products are my go-to for things like eyeshadow and liners usually, but I can always appreciate a different perspective. Great review! I have some beauty posts as well that you might enjoy- feel free to check it out!


    • Honesty is the best with makeup reviews. You get first hand experience, that is why I started this blog 🙂 ELF has great products, but you’re right, when it comes to the more important products, spend a bit more 🙂 On the positive side, their lippies are really great!

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