Bronzed Beauties

Good Evening!

I wanted to do a post solely on my drugstore bronzers. I love bronzing my face up especially in the Summer so I can give myself a nice glow and tanned look without having to use fake tanner. I have never really got on board with fake tan, so this is the best substitute for me. I have a few high-end bronzers that I will share with you all in a different post. As always, there will be reviews, so I won’t go into much depth about each bronzer.

Here we go!

Sonia Kashuk Bronzer/Blush Duo (in Glisten): This is the only bronzer that I own from SK. I bought this back when Target was closing and they had a million of these on sale. I haven’t really used it, as I have some other favourites, but I really love how brown it is and not orange. It has an amazing glow that lights up your face. It’s such a gorgeous product that I will have to use this a bit more to let you know my thoughts

jjkojo          lololo

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Maxi Bronzer (in Sun Love): Ugh, if you have never bought this in your whole makeup life than you are missing out. This has always been one of my favourites for as long as I can remember. It’s not as dark of a bronzer, but it still gives you a sun kissed glow. It’s inexpensive and my favourite in my makeup bag.

jghg      looio

E.L.F Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder (in Antigua): Everyone knows about these duos, so it is no surprise I have a few of them. This one is matte and it is super dark. I originally bought it because it is matte, but I haven’t really used it as my skin is so pale still and this bronzer doesn’t do anything for me. I do have another shade that I use all the time and I have shared with all of you so many times. Hopefully, I can get some sun or wait until next year to use this duo.

jji         tgh

Milani TANtastic Face & Body Baked Bronzer (in Fantastic in Gold): I bought this bronzer 2 weeks ago and I am obsessed! I have just recently been introduced to Milani products, as it is not sold in many places in Canada. This is a shimmery bronzer. You really have to be careful when applying this bronzer, but I love the glow and the bronzed look it creates. Right now, this has been my go-to and I am hoping to get a full review up for everyone!

rtggf     fdfd

BH Cosmetics Bombshell Bronze (in Diva): This hasn’t been used too often, as I have put it in my makeup bag and have ignored it. I really love it, I think it gives off a subtle but bronzed glow. It is very soft, as it is a matte bronzer, making this easy to build on. I think out of all of these, this compliments my skin the most. This will stay in my makeup bag until I have used up my other ones.

rfd     loloojo

Annabelle Biggy Bronzer (Zebra Bronzing powder): This one is unique as the packaging is made up of different stripes ranging in dark and light bronzers. This is the third time I have bought this and I am using it for a backup right now. It is so pigmented, so you need to be careful with how much you apply. I love how easy it is to blend out and you can either create a very strong or subtle look. This one has a very nice glow, making it the darkest but the prettiest out of all them (in my opinion LOL).

fyfug      fhfj

What is your favourite drugstore bronzer? There are so many out there that I wish I could try them all.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the high-end bronzer collection in the future!



32 thoughts on “Bronzed Beauties

  1. I need to get on the bronzer train more. I don’t have many, but I did use an NYC one for a while. It’s matte as well and isn’t super dark, but I thought it was pretty great for my pale skin. The Sonia Kashuk one looks so pretty, though. I might have to try that one!


  2. Urgh! You’ve got an awesome collection. And that Sonia Kashuk bronzer looks amazing… So upset Target pulled out of Canada. Now I won’t be able to get some unless I go to the States.


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