Review: E.L.F. Studio HD Setting Powder

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I bought this HD powder almost under a year ago and I have used it once. I have been hearing about this powder everywhere again, so I wanted to put my 2 cents into this product. When I initially heard about this setting powder, it was nothing but positive reviews, so I figured this was going to be a really good product. Well, I was really wrong.

What is it

This translucent, loose powder is supposed to create a flawless, soft-focus effect look to your face, as read on their website. It is meant to mask fine lines and imperfections while giving you a glowing perfection. This powder is available in 3 shades,Β Sheer, Shimmer and Corrective Yellow.Β The powder retails for $6.

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I have always loved the packaging from their studio line. It is very sleek with their black and white look. The size of the powder is decent especially for the price you are paying. Since it is a loose powder, it comes with a powder puff that you apply the product to your face with. This does get messy, so don’t expect the package to stay clean!

Why I didn’t like it

I initially bought this powder as I have oily skin and I thought this would be perfect to mattify and set my foundation. I normally would use just a brush instead of the puff since there was too much product on the puff, but even that wasn’t enough for me. This powder made my skin very shimmery and sparkly, which I really didn’t like. I knew buying this, there was the shimmery glow to the product, but I didn’t realize how much was actually applied to my face.

My face looked very pale when wearing this and it made my makeup look cakey. There was a lot of fall out and I just didn’t find the hassle of this product to be worth it. After a few days of wearing it, I found my skin to be really dry to the point where I was scratching my face and I was starting to get breakouts.

I didn’t find that I had the glowing complexion that it claimed it was supposed to give me. Instead, I had a shimmery mess.


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You can see in the swatch how white it made my skin. The hint of shimmer can somewhat be seen, but this picture really doesn’t do it justice.

I would not recommend this product. If you are looking for a great loose powder, I would recommendΒ Cover Girl’s Professional Loose Powder.

27 thoughts on “Review: E.L.F. Studio HD Setting Powder

  1. So, I got this stuff as a gift over Christmas and as much as I love a little highlight there was NO way I was putting that stuff all over my face. What I did do was sprinkle a bit in my Coby Aispun Powder and I fell in love with the effect. It’s just enough shimmer to not leave my face overly matte for an everyday look. Maybe give that a shot if you still have it layin around? Have a great day!


    • Oooh, I will have to try it! I hate when products go to waste and I wish I could make it work so badly…so I will have to try. Thank you for letting me know πŸ™‚ Have a great day as well!


  2. Wow. I’m glad I read this. I was going to purchase it next week, but now I will not. Thank you so much for the awesome rand honest review! 😊


  3. I have this sitting unopened in my stash! I bought it ages ago at Winners before Target opened in Canada – I was excited to see ELF stuff at Winners so I grabbed it. I wanted to use this for setting the under eye area and to brighten it. Right now I’m just finishing up my Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder for that purpose. Maybe the sparkle won’t bother me so much if I use it as a highlighting product? I hope it doesn’t dry my eye area out.


    • It would work well if you are using it as a highlighter. It would work better for that than using it as a setting powder. ELF also has an under eye powder that has some shimmer to it, but I am obsessed with it. I think it’s the whole shimmer all over my face that just makes me hate this product.

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  4. Wow I was just about to buy this yesterday but for some crazy reason the Walmart I went to didn’t carry E.L.F. Soooo I guess that was fate. I cannot stand shimmery setting powder. Great review girl!!!


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