14 Days of Makeup Faves Challenge


I have seen this challenge floating around and I really wanted to get on board and do this as well! I love reading other people’s faves and it gives me ideas of other makeup products to try.

Day 1 is Favourite Foundation and I actually have two favourites. One is a high-end brand and the other a drug store. This is the only day that I have 2 favourites!

photo (12)

My 2 favourite foundations are Rimmel Stay Matte and Sephora Collection 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation. I talked about Maybelline’s Mousse foundation in my March faves yesterday, but these 2 have been my go to for a long time now.

Rimmel Stay Matte

I have oily skin, so finding a foundation that won’t separate or easily come off can be hard. Anytime I hear a foundation with the word matte in it, my ears perk up. I get this in the shade Light Porcelain(010) which is the lightest you can get. There are 7 shades available in this line. The product is thicker in consistency which I love because it gives me a full coverage look. I find this to be a bit pinker than Sephora’s, however, I am able to tone it down once I apply my setting powder and bronzer. I believe this retails around $10 CDN.

Sephora Collection

This is my first high end purchase of a foundation. I usually buy mascaras or palettes, but I decided to try a foundation to see how it would compare to a drugstore brand. My sister actually recommended this one to me and I am so glad I made this purchase. I love how many different shades they offer making it easier for everyone to find their perfect match. I got mine in Porcelain (05). It is very easy to dispense the product as there is a pump at the top. This has a creamier consistency than Stay Matte, but it is very buildable. It has a medium coverage, but because it is so buildable, I am able to work my way up to a full coverage look with the foundation perfectly concealing my blemishes.

Swatch of both Foundations 

photo (13)edited On the left is a swatch of Sephora Collection and the right is Rimmel Stay Matte. You can see the different consistencies and the different tones of both foundations even though they really are the same shade haha. I love how well both these foundations work for me and how affordable they both are.

What is your favourite foundation? Is there a kind that you recommend for me?

29 thoughts on “14 Days of Makeup Faves Challenge

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  2. Sephora’s house brand has some really high quality products! And they’re usually a little cheaper than the high end stuff. Great tag! Looking forward to reading each days’ post. 🙂


  3. I know I got the other tag I did from you but this seems real fun! I will give it a whirl after my favourites eventually goes up! Love your post, hope Sephora comes here soon!!!!


  4. I just tried a sample of NARS Luminous Foundation in the color Gobi and I love it. It is very thin and light in texture, but has a very high pigment conentration. It is my new fav!!!


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