1 song can bring back a 1000 memories


Isn’t it amazing how you can go from driving in your car, singing along with the radio and then all of a sudden, there’s that song.

That one song that can bring back emotion, memories and feelings. That one song that can take you back to the exact moment where you heard it. You can still remember the people, the place, what was being said and what you were doing.

This one song can bring back happiness, sadness, anger and even confusion.

For the whole 4 minutes that this song lasts for, you are taken back to that place where you will never forget. Maybe it was a happy place or maybe it was a place you wish you could forget. But, for those 4 minutes, the world around you stops and your reality now becomes your imagination.

As the song ends, you are brought back to the world around you. You may come back a little happier or maybe a little angrier, but all you can remember is those 4 minutes of memories.

What song was playing in your head as you read this?

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