OOPS…I woke up late.


I am a huge fan of sleeping, so if there is ever an opportunity that I can, you will most definitely find me in my bed. However, that can get me into huge trouble when I am have to work and I wake up super late. So, I thought I’d share with you my two favourite products that I use to make myself look good when I am on a time limit.

First thing I use is my Marcelle 3-in-1 Cleanser. This cleanser tones my skin and takes away any unwanted dirt and makeup that may not have completely come off the night before. The cleanser has a milky texture to it, so it comes out very fast. I put a small bit of it on the palm of my hand and completely put it all over my face. I don’t rub it in completely, as I take my cleaning pad and wipe it all over my face. This takes everything that I want off and makes my skin so soft. I love this product, as it is perfect for giving my face a soft clean look within seconds. It retails for $15.00 and it comes in a big bottle. I bought mine about 3 months ago and I just finished the bottle, so I would definitely recommend it. You can get this wherever they sell Marcelle, which I believe is at Target, Walmart or Shopper’s Drug Mart.


My second product I absolutely need for the morning is a dry shampoo called Batiste. My sister actually introduced me to this product and I absolutely love it. When you wake up late and you have no time for a shower, this product will give you flawless, soft hair. I normally shower every other day, but if there is ever a day where I do want to sleep in and skip out on the shower, I will use this dry shampoo. I got it in the colour of brunette, so instead of worrying about having a grayish tone to my hair, it will look more natural. I highly recommend this product if you do have oily hair or if you just want to have those sleep in days. You can get this at Winners and also at Wal Mart. I got it at Winners for $9.00.


What is your routine for when you sleep in?

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